Harborside Partners is a private equity, real estate investment firm, focused on identifying and acquiring well located, value-add, multifamily and commercial properties through syndication of equity and limited partnerships. Subsequent to acquisition, value-creating strategies are implemented; providing consistent cash flow, equity upside and strong downside protection for our investment partners.

This is accomplished by collaborating with an experienced team of; property managers, commercial brokers, tax advisors, lawyers, insurance agents, inspectors, builders, and developers. We believe our combination of; property identification expertise, financial acumen, management ability, and capital support, produce superior, long-term value for all of our partners.

Our Approach

• Institutional Quality Properties
• Competent Management Team
• Thorough Due Diligence
• Forced Appreciation

Our Team

Managed by a team of professionals that are experienced in; acquiring, repositioning and managing multifamily and commercial properties through cyclical market conditions.

Our Mission

Determined on delivering consistent returns and capital preservation; separate of market conditions, through a culture of transparency, teamwork and partnership with investors.

Recent Posts

News & Press

Using a Real Estate CRM

As a real estate investor, you will analyze dozens of properties a day at least. It’s going to be crucial for you to establish a system of organization to track your leads and the progress you make on each lead. One way to maintain a high level of structure is to invest in real estate […]

Can Depreciation Explain the Magnitude of Trump’s Reported Losses?

Tax experts say that while it’s technically possible, it’s probably not the full story. Last week the New York Times made waves reporting, after combing through a decade’s worth of tax transcripts that it obtained, that Donald Trump reported $1.17 billion in losses in the years 1985 to 1994. “In fact, year after year, Mr. […]

GSE Reform Might Really Happen, According to Multifamily Experts

After 10 years of inaction, legislators and agency leaders consider reform of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Ten years after the federal government seized control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both Congress and President Donald Trump are calling for change for the two mortgage giants. “The President is directing relevant agencies to develop a […]

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