Resident Communications: It’s Personal

Sending messages to your buildings’ occupants is an important aspect of property management, but getting them to see the messages and read them is a challenge―especially in today’s high-tech world.

At first glance, communicating with residents in this day and age would seem to be an easy task. After all, businesses have never had more ways to reach customers: emails, text messages, apps, social media. The list seemingly goes on and on.

But one could make the argument that reaching residents has never been more challenging. Think about it: Our phones and desktops are forever dinging and buzzing to indicate a communication of one form or another has arrived.

With all this technology at hand, why is it becoming more difficult to actually reach people? Consumers are starting to tune out the dings. They are actively choosing to communicate in only the ways they want to. For personal business, they are using apps and messaging. For work, it’s still emails. And that is where the ineffective communication comes from. Are apartment operators personal or are we business?


Although it wasn’t all that long ago, isn’t it hard to imagine a time when email was the cutting-edge communication channel? Now, in a world of texting and apps, it seems like a bit of a dinosaur.
Personally, I know many people who might go days at a time without checking their personal emails. I’ve heard some property managers grumble that only 15 percent of the emails they send to residents are opened.

The statistics appear to back them up.

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