Best Way To Attract Dog Owners To Your Property

A little over 70% of the rental market now comes with dogs in tow. This trend is not letting up anytime soon. If you want to be competitive in the marketplace, you might consider making adjustments to your properties’ common areas. It might also, be a smart move to update some of your units amenities. Open yourself up to opportunities by installing and/or offering dog friendly units. It’ll offer you a competitive edge in attracting new renters, instead of limiting your potential lessees. Here are some ideas to help you become a dog friendly rental location.

1) If your property has a laundry room, you can consider putting in a washbasin on the floor where your residents can wash their dogs. There are companies out there now which make specific pet-friendly wash basins which are easy to maintain. They are designed to capture any loose pet hair before it goes in down the drain.

2) When you are turning your units, consider flooring which would be most suitable for a dog. Hard surface flooring is especially favorable.

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Picture: Pixabay

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