Why U.S. Apartment Rentals Will Continue to be a Good Investment Choice

As Americans see lower net worth and higher student debt levels, renting will continue to be a preferred choice for many.

A major and unprecedented structural shift has occurred in the real estate market due to a variety of demographic and socioeconomic factors. Occupied U.S. rental apartment units rose by 20 percent above the prior 10-year period. Real estate investment managers’ allocations to institutional-quality multifamily product have risen on the ongoing strength in property fundamentals.

The sector offers steady income streams with rents that adjust with inflation annually, with new opportunities in professionally-managed rental housing. Interest is rising in high-quality rentals across all price points and regions, demanding a well-diversified inventory.

The homeownership rate across all ages is near historic lows. For-sale housing may recover, but full return to the prior peak homeownership rate is not anticipated. Apartment living is generally a more manageable expense and flexible living arrangement than a single-family home. It is now cheaper to rent than buy in more than half of all counties nationwide.

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