HNW Investors Might Start Entering the Industrial Sector to Capitalize on Higher Returns

Historically considered too “unglamorous” by HNW investors, industrial assets now offer some of the best returns in the market.

By and large, it’s big institutional investors that scoop up industrial assets in the United States. However, there now appears to be more room for a different class of buyers in the industrial sector—high-net-worth (HNW) investors.

Why? Because industrial opportunities in secondary and tertiary markets—where there is likely to be less competition from institutional investors with big pockets—have grown more attractive.

A new report from commercial real estate services company Cushman & Wakefield says many of the dynamics that spawned the industrial boom, including the e-commerce explosion, will continue to play out in ways that bolster strong demand in secondary and tertiary markets, as well as across a broader array of asset sizes. And a recent report from asset manager DWS Group suggests smaller local distribution facilities—although not necessarily in smaller markets—“generally offer superior investment prospects.”

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