Owners will spend almost $21,000 to sell their home in 2019, Zillow says

8 out of 10 will finish at least one project prior to listing

Homeowners in the U.S. will spend an average $20,851 to sell in 2019, according to a report released Tuesday from Zillow. That includes real estate commissions, taxes and projects such as painting and landscaping to prepare for listing.

The total transaction expense will include an average $14,281 in agent commissions and transfer taxes, according to the report. Those are based on sale price, and will range from about $76,015 in San Jose, California, one of the nation’s priciest markets, to about $9,046 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Some of the other markets covered by the report included San Francisco, where sellers will spend an average $58,534 this year just for commissions and transfer taxes; Philadelphia, where the average will be $16,296; Chicago, at $13,825; Dallas, Texas, at $14,580; and Boston, at $30,085.

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Picture: Pixabay
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