HNW Investors Are Giving Preference to Multifamily and Office Properties, AppFolio Survey Finds

The survey, conducted in April, found 68.3 percent of respondents were looking at multifamily acquisitions.

If a new survey is an accurate barometer, two words—modernization and multifamily—sum up the key issues weighing on the minds of high-net-worth (HNW) individuals and other property investors.

The survey, conducted in April by AppFolio, a Goleta, Calif.-based provider of real estate and investment management software, showed that the No. 1 challenge facing accredited property investors is finding a good investment manager to handle fund and syndicate allocations.

And it’s not that these investors are laboring to find an investment management firm that’s good at what it does. It’s more about working with an investment manager that fully embraces technology. In other words, they’re seeking an investment manager that’s up-to-date rather than old-school.

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