Exclusive Research: Feeling Good

After showing signs of caution a year ago, multifamily investors’ sentiments ticked back up again in this year’s exclusive research.

The current real estate cycle is stretching into its second decade—with no clear end in sight. While there have been hiccups in some segments (we’re looking at you, retail), multifamily has been a rock. And despite being the favored asset type of many classes of investors, driving cap rates ever lower, the sector’s fundamentals have held up. To modify a phrase from Arrested Development’s George Bluth, there’s always money in multifamily.

For six years we’ve been tracking sentiment in the sector as part of our NREI Research Series. In fact, the response to and success of our annual multifamily research reports is what led us to expand the effort into other property types and topics. In that time, sentiment among respondents for multifamily has always been bullish. Yet that enthusiasm has moderated some from year to year. The big takeaway in this year’s edition is that optimism has ticked back up after dipping some in 2018.

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