Garden-Style Apartment Projects Allow Developers to Expand in the Suburbs

With many prime suburbs restricting high-rise construction, garden-style apartment complexes remain popular.

Developers in the U.S. continue to build more low-rise apartment buildings than any other type of construction. That includes a high volume of new garden-style apartment buildings—often three-story “breezeway” apartments.

“The ‘same old breezeway’ apartments are still getting built in the same old way,” says Walter Hughes, chief innovation officer with Humphreys & Partners Architects, based in Dallas, Texas.

In recent years, multifamily developers have come to vastly prefer mid-rise and high-rise buildings that squeeze more apartment units onto an average acre. But in many parts of the country, and especially in suburban submarkets, local officials refuse to allow developers to build mid-rise or high-rise structures.

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    Picture: Pixabay
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