What Can AI Do for Commercial Real Estate Investors?

Emerging AI tools can help investors access property data and manage properties more efficiently.

As we approach the top of the real estate market cycle, commercial real estate investors are being forced to look at the bigger picture and become more adaptable to maximize their portfolios and stay ahead of the competition. The good news? Tech-enabled solutions are helping to drive strong returns and create new opportunities for investors to get the most out of their properties and access the data necessary for strong valuations.

Just looking at the sea of change being driven by new technologies across industries, it’s no surprise that artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become the biggest disruptor in the commercial real estate industry. Numerous software platforms now use machine learning and predictive analytics to help investors ensure the profitability and sustainability of their portfolios, while reducing the often high level risk factor of top-tier investments. Unfortunately, only those who are willing to adopt these new tools will see maximized returns in a shifting real estate market. In short, staying ahead of the competition is now predicated on staying ahead of the technology curve.

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Picture: Pixabay
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