Why Landlords and Property Managers Should Require Renters Insurance

A guide to renters’ insurance benefits, clauses, and leasing agreement language.

If someone told you there was a single paragraph you could add to your leases that could save you thousands of dollars and give you significantly greater peace of mind, you’d add it, right?

Well, there is: It’s a clause requiring tenants to carry renters insurance and showing you proof of an active policy. If you don’t already have such a clause in your leases, I recommend adding one as soon as you’re finished reading this article. Here’s a look at why requiring renters insurance is such a savvy move for landlords and property managers and how this policy can protect you.

How Renters Insurance Protects a Property Owner’s Investment

As most landlords and property managers know, the insurance they carry on their building does not cover their tenants’ belongings. But renters insurance goes beyond protecting furniture and clothing in case of damage.

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