4 Things Contractors Want Property Managers to Know

How to Ensure Your Multifamily Construction Project Goes Smoothly.

Managing a multifamily construction or remodeling project can be a daunting task for property managers. You may be experiencing pressures from the building’s owner or residents, and you’re likely not an expert on construction processes. But there is a way to minimize the headaches and hassles: Build a good relationship with your contractor!

A great way for property managers to work well with contractors is to learn some construction business basics. Taking time to understand the key aspects of building projects goes a long way toward the success of a job. Here are four things contractors want every property manager to know.

1. Reach Out to Your Contractor in Advance
The construction industry is booming — spending is estimated to hit $1.35 trillion in 2019 — so contractors have no shortage of jobs to complete. That means if you have a specific deadline for a project, you’ll need to reach out well in advance to secure a contractor. While the amount of time required for a multifamily construction project varies, a good rule of thumb for most large projects is to reach out to a contractor four to six months in advance.

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