Retail Investors Fuel a Surge in Non-Traded REIT Fundraising

Most recent fundraising has gravitated to non-traded NAV REITs, which provide additional transparency and liquidity than traditional non-traded REITs.

After weathering a rocky patch that sent many investors to the sidelines, non-traded REITs appear to be back on track with steady gains in capital flowing into the sector.

Non-traded REITs raised $11.8 billion in 2019, which is the highest fundraising total since 2014, according to industry data from Robert A. Stanger & Co. Inc. The firm is predicting another strong year of fundraising ahead with a further 27 percent jump to $15 billion for 2020.

Certainly, there are any number of unforeseen events that could derail that prediction, such as an increase in interest rates that would dampen investor appetite. But, for now, the industry appears to be on solid footing with a number of factors contributing to strong fundraising. Part of the credit is due to continued evolution within the sector that is resonating with its core base of retail investors.

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Picture: Pixabay
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