Looking at HUD’s New Financing Opportunity for Multifamily Investors

HUD has permanently relaxed its three-year rule for Section 223(f) mortgage refinancing applications.

On March 2nd, HUD relaxed its three-year rule for Section 223(f) refinancing mortgage loan applications.

The three-year rule required that properties be seasoned for three years from certificate of occupancy before being eligible for a HUD 223(f) mortgage loan application. HUD temporarily waived this rule during the recession from 2009 to 2013, but has now permanently changed the rule. Section 223(f) insures mortgage loans for the purchase or refinancing of existing multifamily properties.

We will need to see if HUD’s 2020 multifamily accelerated processing (MAP) guide affirms the approach. In the meantime, the just released Mortgagee Letter states that multifamily real estate investors now have the ability to apply for long-term HUD financing for multifamily properties without having to wait three years for the property to season. Under the relaxed rule, HUD offers borrowers the ability to secure permanent, non-recourse fixed rate debt at low interest rates.

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