The recovery from the coronavirus sure looks V-shaped, going by these charts

The U.S. economy added a record number of jobs in May as it appeared to bounce off the bottom of the coronavirus recession, and now the chart of jobs gains and losses is starting to look like a “V.”

The possibility of a V-shaped recovery — a sharp fall in economic activity followed by a dramatic rise — has been a hot topic of debate since the coronavirus pandemic led to widespread business closures across the United States. The shape of the economic recovery is a popular guessing game on Wall Street with economists and pundits suggesting everything from a “V” to a “W” to even a Nike Swoosh as businesses were slower to get back to normal.

The better-than-expected jobs report follows a series of other recent data points that have shown a quick recovery from their pandemic-era lows and point to a V shape.

Mobility data from Apple showed that requests in directions for driving and walking had nearly recovered to pre-pandemic levels by June 1. The increase in travel demand has extended to flying as well, with major airlines announcing this week that they are bringing back some of the flights that they had suspended due to the pandemic.

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