Become a Master Strategist: Today’s Key for Successful Landlords

Being successful landlords and property managers in today’s environment involves some key strategies, including your eviction process, that veteran landlord David Pickron sets out.

By David Pickron

I have always had a lead foot. It is hard to admit, but with my hard-charging personality, I just want to get where I am going… fast.

As a young man, to prevent countless tickets, I purchased a radar detector that allowed me to sense a police officer before he or she could see me. Police departments realized they were being outsmarted by this technology and needed to make a change, so they started using a different band that most consumer radar detectors did not have at the time.

The private market reacted as it always does, and soon you could buy a radar detector that included the new bands used by law enforcement. This produced a battle between radar-detector companies and police, with one making a move, only to be met with a counter move by the other.

Evictions tug of war

We find ourselves in a similar tug-of-war when it comes to evictions, where the CDC has now made a move to stop all evictions nationwide until Dec. 31 in an attempt to limit COVID-19 spread through homeless shelters or crowded family shelters.

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