Are You Making Any Of These 5 Rental Property Management Mistakes?

Here are 5 rental property management mistakes that Keepe, the on-demand maintenance company, sometimes sees at rental properties.

Managing a rental property can be challenging even for the most experienced property managers. As a property manager, you need to ensure that your tenants, workers, contractors, and your properties are in good shape.

If you are a property manager managing 1 or 100 rental properties, here are five rental-property management mistakes from Keepe that you want to avoid.

No. 1: You Don’t Have A Screening Process in Place

As a property manager you are most likely to deal with all kinds of tenants­.

When you rent your property to a destructive or troublesome tenant, you are sure to lose money and deal with problems every day. One sure way to save yourself of these issues is to have a detailed formal tenant-screening process that helps you select the right kind of tenants for your rental.

No. 2: You Don’t Have A Reliable Contractor When Issues Happen

Your tenants want the best service and quick solutions to their maintenance problems.

Not having a dedicated and reliable handyperson you can call immediately will likely affect your tenant satisfaction and retention rates.

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