Affordable Housing Developers Build War Chests to Buy Properties

Some buyers that want to keep properties affordable are hoping to snap up assets that otherwise might be converted to market rate units if they fall into other investors’ hands.

Affordable housing advocates are tired of losing bidding wars that result in losing some of the nation’s already stretched supply of workforce apartments.

During the recovery from the Global Recession, developers with a mission to create and preserve affordable housing struggled to buy older apartment buildings with an aim of keeping the rents reasonable enough for low-income families to afford. They are trying to prevent the same thing from happening in the current cycle, with the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus likely to trigger another wave of property sales.

“In the last recession, a lot of private equity buyers swept in and picked up affordable housing properties,” says Kimberly Latimer-Nelligan, president of Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF), a national, nonprofit community development financial institution (CDFI) with $900 million in assets under management. “We plan to make sure the mission-driven organizations have access to capital to compete with investors who are going to take those properties to market-rate rents and displace all those residents.”

To prepare this time, developers and investors dedicated to preserving affordable housing are now raising capital to make sure that they can successfully bid for properties, including affordable housing communities where existing restrictions on raising rents are nearing their ends. Affordale housing investors are also looking to buy older class-B and class-C apartment properties that have never been in official affordable housing programs as well as smaller properties with just a few apartments.

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