How Tenant COVID-19 Behavior Is A Predictor of the Future

How tenant covid-19 behavior can be a predictor of the future in today’s challenging rental housing environment is the advice from veteran landlord David Pickron.

By David Pickron

Knowing how your applicant did in the COVID-19 times will be important information to protect yourself in the future.

As a newly married couple in our 20s, my wife and I went out and looked at new homes as we were trying to decide where to lay down our roots and start our little family. We walked through what seemed like a never-ending parade of homes to see what was on the market. When my wife walked in the last model home, which was decked out and highly upgraded, her jaw hit the floor and she looked at me, communicating non-verbally that this was the one; she had found her dream home.

Being new to the house-buying game and admittedly a little naïve to the process, we started our journey to purchasing our first home. Finding the home was the fun part, but qualifying, along with the accompanying mountains of paperwork, was another. After my wife picked out her upgraded white cabinets our first home cost $114,000, and all I could think about was how am I ever going to qualify and afford the payment? But after looking at my wife and seeing that look in her eyes, I knew one thing for certain, I was buying that house.

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