The 5 Best Ways to Deal with Rent Delinquencies Right Now

Landlords and tenants are facing rent delinquencies due to covid-19 so here are some thoughts to help from a veteran property manager.

By Justin Becker
Property Manager

There is no denying that right now, COVID-19 continues to affect the real-estate and rental market.

If you’re a property manager or landlord of a multifamily housing community or complex, navigating these waters for the last eight months has been somewhat challenging.

Nevertheless, with no real end in sight, mass unemployment, fluctuation in available job opportunities, and the ongoing pandemic, it is still very difficult for tenants to be able to pay their rent and still afford their other monthly expenses.

Working with tenants who are experiencing economic hardships due to COVID-19 has been par for the course for these last couple of months. Moreover, with most property managers’ and landlords’ hands being essentially tied in regard to legally dealing with late rent payments or lack of payments, it is not too surprising that people are starting to get creative by finding proactive ways to deal with rent delinquencies.

Other than being more flexible, many property managers are not sure what else they can do during these uncertain times. But the good news is that there is definitely more that can be done.

That said, here are the five best ways to deal with rent delinquencies right now.

No. 1: Build Proactive Partnerships

One of the best things you can do as a property manager right now is to collaborate with your tenants to ease the pressure and address financial hardships.

Obviously, open lines of communication are key here, and looking for a win-win solution to the problem makes everyone walk away from negotiations feeling a little better. A prime example of building proactive landlord-tenant partnerships is deferring a portion of rent and establishing a reasonable repayment plan.

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