5 Signs An Applicant Will Be a Good Tenant For Your Rental Property

We all strive to find a good tenant, so here are five signs that an applicant will be a good tenant for your rental property from Keepe, the on-demand maintenance and repair company.

When you’re receiving lots of applications for tenant positions at your rental properties, sometimes it can be difficult and overwhelming trying to sift through everything.

After all, with so many applications in front of you, where do you begin? How do you know which applicants will make good tenants?

There are a few telling signs as to whether or not your applicants will be good tenants. You just have to know what to look for to easily identify the good from the bad and put your mind at ease.

No. 1: They Fill Out the Application Properly

A sign of a good potential tenant is that they properly fill out the application.

That may sound overly simple, but this means that they include the appropriate documents that are asked for and fill out everything correctly.

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