7 Insights for Landlords on the Federal Eviction Moratorium

Two attorneys last year joined the National Real Estate Investors Association for an online discussion to help landlords and property managers understand how best to deal with the federal eviction moratorium.

The nationwide federal eviction moratorium has been ordered through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to halt residential evictions through the end of March 2021 for non-payment of rent due to Covid-19.

Both lawyers discussed the issues, the affidavits that tenants must provide to show how they have been affected by COVID-19 in order to qualify under the federal eviction moratorium, and how attorneys could challenge the affidavits in court when necessary.

You can hear the full discussion here on YouTube.

Attorneys Jeff Watson, in Cleveland, and Jeffrey Greenberger, in Cincinnati, gave their thoughts – not legal advice – on how landlords could best react to the moratorium. They were introduced by Charles Tassell, chief operating officer of the National Real Estate Investors Association.

“We have gone from unprecedented to crazy,” Watson said. “What concerns me the most is that this is now creating precedent for future administrations, future agencies, to use this as a rationale, to stop all sorts of economic commerce across the United States of America, any particular form of commerce, any type of interaction, any type of business agreement, (or) consumer agreement that they don’t like.”

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