4 Ways to Balance the Needs of Pets and Residents in Multifamily Communities

Pets have become more and more of a priority as so many people continue to spend significant time in their homes. Pets offer many wonderful benefits – companionship to residents who feel isolated, help in reducing stress during challenging times, and the enticement of physical activity through play and exercise.

A recent national study conducted by the American Apartment Owners Association revealed that nearly 90 percent of renters are pet owners and want pet-friendly apartments with access to pet amenities.

These trends are important for multifamily leadership teams to understand as they seek to create communities that are welcoming to pet owners. Additionally, a percentage of their residents will likely be non-pet owners, with preferences that are also important.

Mark-Taylor currently has more than 4,000 pets living in our 60+ portfolio of communities. While sometimes challenging, the four approaches below have allowed us to provide the best customer service to all of our residents and balance the needs of pets and residents.

1. Communicate Pet Policies Clearly

In an Apartments.com article from 2018, 33 percent said they were influenced by pet policy when deciding whether or not to tour a community.

Communities should clearly communicate pet polices through websites, social media, review responses and tours.

Leasing teams should make sure pet policies, cleaning and deposit fees are thoroughly discussed prior to move-in.

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