4 Ways To Be Proactive In Rental Property Maintenance

Wish you had been more proactive in your rental property maintenance when you get that maintenance call or text from a tenant? The maintenance checkup this week provided by Keepe helps make sure you are your protecting your investment and income as well as your tenants.

Many property managers and landlords deal with maintenance in a reactive manner. They wait for tenants to report maintenance issues and/or waiting for the property to turn over before addressing maintenance issues.

This is natural because if you view rental properties as a pure investment, then maintenance is the cost center. It is a negative charge on investment income. The human tendency is to be proactive about positives and to be reactive about negatives.

Do you ever turnover a rental property and think, “I would have taken care of that if I knew it was broken?”

I’m sure it has happened to the best of us.

Here is an example from our experience. One tenant used a plastic fork to prevent the microwave from running constantly because the open/close latch was broken. Rather than reporting it, the tenant chose to ignore (or even worse, hide) it. A new microwave can run a couple hundred dollars plus the cost of installation, but can be well worth the cost. When things start to break, it affects the overall quality of the home and can have a negative effect on tenant satisfaction and quality.

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