How $1 of Rent Adds Up to Billions Going Back into Local Communities

Up to 90 cents of each dollar paid for rent go towards taxes, wages, mortgage payments, and maintenance and improvements, while only 10 cents belong to owners and investors, according to the Yardi Matrix Covid-19 Rental Housing Support Initiative.

In their blog, RentCafé says the American Rescue Plan signed by President Biden on March 11 “brings much-anticipated relief to millions of American families, both renters and housing providers.”

Rent debt estimated at almost $60 billion has built up since the start of the pandemic and RentCafé says the new stimulus package “may trigger a butterfly effect across local communities. Since many housing providers operate on thin margins, the recently approved stimulus package will help fill the gap in cash flow and keep afloat an industry that provides housing for 40 million Americans.”

According to the Urban Institute and Moody’s Analytics estimations, the average resident who’s behind on rent already owes $6,000. With approximately 10.25 million renters in debt as of January 2021, the back rent reached an estimated $57.3 billion.

Rent checks go back into the local economy

The report from RentCafé includes a chart showing the largest part of every dollar of rent is used to keep rental housing operational, as 90 cents of it go towards state and local taxes, which support essential services in the community, employee wages, maintenance and improvements, and mortgage payments. Just 10 cents go to property owners and investors.

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