Email Subject Lines That Work in Apartment Marketing

Simple ways to make sure your emails get opened and read by prospects and current renters.

To get in front of potential renters and to stay in touch with current renters, emails are a powerful tool. Everyone checks their inboxes several times a day, yet the success of your email campaigns depends on open rates. Crafting great emails takes a lot of time and thoughtfulness, but all that hard work can go to waste without an open.

So how could your email subject line catch the eye of the recipients? First of all, brevity is extremely important. Emails with subject lines of six to 10 words have the highest open rates, according to research from marketing tech company Retention Science. Additionally, you need to consider the fact that most people check their emails using their mobile phones and that small screen will unavoidably truncate part of your email subject line.

Being concise, however, means that you need to constantly explore your creativity and come up with catchy phrases. Here are three key ingredients of great email subject lines for more opens by prospects, according to Geneva Ives, marketing content manager at Yardi:

  • Prompt people’s curiosity: “Make them want to click to see what’s inside the email. Is it an offer? A new resident service or amenity?”
  • Make sure the email is formatted well: “That means less than 60 characters with the important words near the front of the subject line. If someone’s inbox is collapsed or minimized, you want to make sure the critical information is still visible.”
  • Avoid clickbait-y phrases: “It’s important to be compelling, but also transparent. Don’t say they’ve won something if they haven’t or that an urgent response is needed if it isn’t.

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