Will You Be Ready When the Eviction Moratorium Ends?

By David Pickron

Recently I was at a birthday party where young children were participating in some old-fashioned games. One that struck me particularly was musical chairs. As an adult, I now realize the anxiety that was generated by that game; will I be left out or will I be the last one standing? As each round progressed and more players and chairs were removed, I could see that unique mixture of fear and fun fill the faces of these children as they competed to be the last person with a chair to call home.

Over the past year in meeting with landlords across the country, I have come to know that look all to well as we have tried to navigate the eviction moratorium that has affected our industry. You may have even seen that face in your mirror this morning.

As March 2021 ended, once again the eviction moratorium was continued to June 30. For most of us I don’t think this came as any great surprise. Even though the legislature approved rental relief for affected landlords, there just wasn’t enough time to get that money out to landlords (these are the same people who were able to get PPP business loans out and funded within weeks). I predict that this will be the last extension and I’m already prepared for many of you to let me have it if I am wrong. I hope and pray I am right. Let’s assume that I am right, and that the eviction moratorium completes its run at the end of June. The rental-housing market will immediately be thrust into an unforgiving version of adult musical chairs.

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    Picture: Pixabay
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