How Will Remote Work Affect Housing After the Pandemic?

One in four American workers expect that they will continue to have either partial or complete remote-work flexibility after the pandemic, and a majority believe that remote work flexibility will have an impact on their housing preferences and location, according to a report from Apartment List.

“In a survey of 5,000 employed adults across the U.S., we found that four-in-10 workers expect to have some form of continued remote-work flexibility post-pandemic. Nineteen percent expect to have a hybrid arrangement that allows for remote work multiple days per week, while 21 percent expect that they’ll have the ability to work exclusively remotely,” Apartment List said in the report.

Apartment List Housing Economist Chris Salviati said, “I would say that this report provides a lot of valuable new data to confirm trends that we’ve been hypothesizing about for a while. Namely, a broad embrace of remote work will be an ongoing long-term trend that will outlast the pandemic, and this newfound geographic flexibility will have a direct impact on where these remote workers choose to live” and housing after the pandemic.

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