2021 Employment Update

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly report on how long unemployed workers are staying jobless.

For the month of July, a total of 9,221,000 people were unemployed. This comprises jobs lost and people who completed temporary jobs; those on temporary layoffs; those with permanent job loss; those who completed temporary jobs; those who left their employers and reentrants and new entrants to the job market.

Of the total, 27.5 percent were unemployed for less than five weeks, 23.5 percent for five to 14 weeks, 11.1 percent for 15 to 26 weeks and 38 percent for 27 weeks or longer.

When it came to permanent job loss, the total was 2,927,000 people, of which 18.4 percent was for less than five weeks. For those who decided to leave their job, 20.4 percent stayed unemployed for more than 27 weeks.

There were 672,000 new entrants to the job market, of which 45.5 percent were unemployed for only less than five weeks, showing improvement when it comes to the opportunity for people to find jobs.

—Posted on Aug. 30, 2021

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