Federal Eviction Ban is Over. What’s Ahead?

The end of the CDC’s moratorium doesn’t end the challenges. Experts weigh in.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overturning the Centers for Disease Control’s eviction moratorium has ended the federal ban, but not the questions. Responses to the ruling from a broad spectrum of stakeholders make it clear that much more lies before the crisis is resolved.

Among those voicing support for the ruling was the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), which has been at the forefront of opposition to eviction bans.

“The fact is that housing providers have been forced to completely shoulder the burden for their residents for more than a year, and that is just unsustainable,” Paula Cino, NMHC vice president, construction, development and land use policy, told Multi-Housing News. “The solution is to get financial assistance into the hands of those who need that assistance, which can benefit both residents and housing providers.”

NMHC anticipated rental relief programs would require a period to become fully established. Some jurisdictions have done a much better job establishing programs than others. The NMHC is urging jurisdictions that have been slower to respond to get their programs up and running as quickly as possible, Cino said.

“What we’re also doing now is reminding our providers to really reconnect with their residents to find the solutions right for them,” she added. “That could be extending payment plans or deferments, or helping residents connect with the rental assistance opportunities that are available to them in their areas.”

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