Keeping Residents Informed Through Virtual Newsletters

Do you use this simple marketing tool to promote your community and connect with renters and prospects?

A lot has changed in the 18 months since the onset of the pandemic, from the way we work and learn to how we interact with each other and how we relax. Face-to-face communication has dwindled considerably to make room for online interactions in pretty much all aspects of our lives.

For property owners and operators, in particular, finding effective ways to reach out and communicate with their residents has been among the top priorities over the past year and a half.

Sure, social media posts are all the rage, especially among Gen Zers and Millennials, as are QR codes and even good old-fashioned printed flyers. But perhaps the easiest—and cheapest—tool to communicate to residents of all ages timely and safely is community newsletters. Here’s how to make the most of them to keep your residents informed and improve retention.

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    Start receiving; press releases, commercial real estate news, information and trends on particular markets and regions.

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