Realtor for Rentals: Do Real Estate Agents Help Find Rentals?

If you’re familiar with the struggle that is finding an apartment online, the idea of an agent who can help you in your real estate search might sound like a godsend. We all know agents help people buy real estate, but did you know you can use a Realtor to help find rentals, too?

While you can always find apartments for rent near you with a search on, some prefer to get an agent’s help during their home search. An agent can point you in the right direction and save you the hassle of tracking down landlords and property managers from rental listings, especially in bigger cities. Though keep in mind, the services they provide (and the fees they charge), vary by location. Here’s what you need to know about using a Realtor to find a rental.

Do Realtors help find rentals?

What a real estate agent does to help you find rental real estate depends on the location—whether it’s a large city or a small town—and on the agent.

Sometimes the agent will guide your search for a place to rent from the very start, helping you find the right neighborhood, apartment size, and price range, then go with you to view the property.

More likely, though, you’ll already have a lot of that information decided, and the agent will send you new listings that might be of interest to you, and offer to show the property to you.

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