4 ways parking garages are prepping for fewer cars

Developers are planning for a high-tech future that requires greater flexibility

The rise of ride-hailing, autonomous vehicles, and micro-mobility devices such as electric scooters are set to lower rates of car ownership among younger generations.

This, alongside increasing electric vehicle ownership, has building owners and architects thinking about parking garages and how they will need to adapt.

“The forecast demand for electric vehicles is increasing,” says Mike Bammel, Managing Director and National Practice Lead, Renewable Energy, JLL. “Existing properties may not have capacity or capabilities to handle it.”

Read on for four ways garages around the world are already starting to change.

They aren’t just for cars

Parking garages are being built for a future where people drive less, which means designing structures that can support the possibility to be turned into something else, like retail space or a theater.

For instance, a garage in AvalonBay Communities Inc.’s 475-unit multifamily complex in Los Angeles’s Arts District will have higher-than-average ceilings; flat floors, unlike the slanted foundation you find in most parking garages; and elevators and staircases are in the middle of the structure, not on the perimeter. The project is due to be completed in 2022.

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