The New Gold Rush: Here Are the Top 10 Cities Job Seekers Are Now Flocking To

Everyone by now has heard of the “Great Resignation.” Workers all over the country—whether burned out, fed up, or just experiencing serious post-pandemic wanderlust—have decided now’s the time to finally call it quits.

However, there’s another transformative workforce trend also emerging, one that may have an even bigger long-term impact. Think of it as the “Great Reshuffle.” Because Americans aren’t just quitting old gigs—they’re also taking on new ones, wherever they may be. And often that means pulling up roots and buying or renting a home in a brand-new town, city, or state.

Thanks to the rise of remote work over the past year and a half, white-collar workers who can work from anywhere have been taking advantage of that freedom in ever-increasing numbers. Those previously desk-bound employees have moved away from the coasts to more affordable locales. Amid the shuffle, some workers have found perennial favorites like New York and San Francisco less attractive. They’re more drawn to states where housing costs are lower and where newer tech hubs are emerging.

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