Author: Rokon Ahmed

GI251: Expat Investing in US Real Estate with Tim Robinson and Lisa Tilstra

Tim is a licensed real estate agent and a house flipper who personally owns a portfolio of rental units. Lisa has been living outside the US since 2012 and owns a portfolio of rental properties she purchased, all while living abroad. Years back, they joined forces to create the REI Concierge, providing boutique consulting services [...]

SS173: From Single-Family to Multifamily Real Estate: Why You Should Make the Switch

There are several benefits to transitioning from single-family rental to multifamily. In this episode, Charles explores the benefits and why investors should consider it. Watch The Episode Here: Listen To The Podcast Here: Talking Points: • If you have heard the show before, you know I am a huge proponent of multifamily real estate, and [...]

GI250: Mailbox Money with Bronson Hill

Bronson Hill was also interviewed on episode GI132, and we have him on again. Bronson is a general partner in 2,000 multifamily units worth over $200M, has spoken individually with over 1500 investors, and has raised over $40M for real estate and his ATM Fund deals while also co-leading a large in-person multifamily meetup in [...]

SS172: The Power of Networking in Real Estate Investing

Networking plays a crucial role in the success of any real estate investor. In this episode, Charles discusses the benefits of networking as a real estate investor. Watch The Episode Here: Listen To The Podcast Here: Talking Points: Networking is a very powerful tool for real estate investors. One of the most important things you [...]

GI249: Raising Private Money with Mustafa Ladha

Mustafa Ladha is a multifamily investor, and his firm specializes in leveraging secondary and tertiary real estate markets to seek an attractive risk and return profile for an array of investors. They offer a multifamily debt fund, a multifamily equity fund, and single property syndications. Watch The Episode Here: Listen To The Podcast Here: Transcript: [...]

SS171: Real Estate Investing as a Hedge Against Inflation

Real estate investing has long been considered one of the best inflation hedges. In this episode, Charles discusses how best to hedge inflation with income-producing real estate. Watch The Episode Here: Listen To The Podcast Here: Talking Points: Inflation refers to the general increase in the prices of goods and services in an economy over [...]

GI248: Becoming a Real Estate Investor with Vessi Kapoulian

Vessi helps busy professionals tired of working 60+ hours a week create passive income streams. Her professional background includes 15 years of commercial lending and 4 years of business management experience. She started her real estate journey in 2017 and controls a portfolio of investor real estate properties in Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia. Watch The [...]

SS170: Real Estate Investments: How to Define Your Goals

Goal setting is important when planning your real estate investing journey. In this episode, Charles discusses how and why you should begin setting goals. Watch The Episode Here: Listen To The Podcast Here: Talking Points: Defining your real estate investing goals is crucial to developing a successful investment strategy and a successful business. Here are [...]

GI247: Real Estate Digital Marketing with Bryan Driscoll

Bryan Driscoll began his marketing career in the early 2000s as a freelancer focused on SEO (search engine optimization), and in 2014, Bryan purchased his first real estate property and noticed a $15k wholesale fee was attached to the deal, and he decided to start marketing for his own deals in Pittsburgh. Today, he owns [...]

SS169: Multifamily vs. Single Family Real Estate Investing: Which Is Better?

There are pros and cons of owning single-family and multifamily properties. In this episode, Charles discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each property type. Watch The Episode Here: Listen To The Podcast Here: Talking Points: The choice between multifamily and single-family real estate investing depends on various factors and your specific investment goals. Here are [...]
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