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How Lease Agreements Can Protect Against Risk in Single-Tenant Office Assets

Single-tenant office buildings present a greater risk for loan default than multitenant assets because the sole income stream is dependent on one tenant. But there’s advice experts can offer borrowers on structuring leases to help protect their interests if something goes wrong.

In recent years, there has been a rush by investors to acquire single-tenant office buildings, because this type of asset offers better yields than Treasury bonds, says Eric Entringer, vice president of capital markets and investor relations at Dornin Investment Group, a real estate investment firm with offices in Orange County, Calif. and Las Vegas.

He notes that these assets are attracting lots of 1031 exchange investors, as well as investors pulling out of the stock market, but suggests a question they should ask themselves before investing in single-tenant office assets: “Is the risk appropriate in terms of the returns they’ll get over Treasury bonds?”

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