GI15: Long Distance Investors Need Rockstar Realtors like James Wise

James is the Co-Founder & CEO of Holton-Wise. As CEO, James’ main focus is the strategic vision of Holton-Wise and driving the overall growth of the company. He is regularly ranked as the number one selling Realtor of rental property in the Cleveland, Ohio market and works with many long distance and international investors by running a full-service real estate investment and management company. In addition, he oversees the sales and media departments at Holton-Wise while also hosting several popular shows on HoltonWiseTV.

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Announcer: Welcome to the Global Investors Podcast, a show that focuses on helping foreign investors enter the lucrative US real estate market. Host- Charles Carrillo, combined decades of real estate investing experience with a professional background in international banking to interview experts in all areas of US real estate investing. Now here’s your host, Charles Carrillo.

Charles: Welcome to another episode of the Global Investors Podcast. I’m your host Charles Carrillo. Today we have James Wise. James is the co founder and CEO of Holton-Wise. He oversees the sales and media departments at Holton-Wise while also hosting several popular shows on HoltonWiseTV. He is regularly ranked as the number one selling realtor of rental property and the Cleveland Ohio market and works with many long distance and international investors by running a full service real estate investment and management company. So how’s it going today, James?

James: Hey not bad, Charles, thanks for having me on the show, man.

Charles: Yeah, thank you very much for being on and I’m a happy that we could get together and I wanted to get a little information. What’s your background prior to you guys co-founding your current company Holton-Wise? For one of your current companies?

James: Ah, you know, I’ve always been in sales. I did a little bit of everything. I did invisible fences for like dogs, you know, I trained dogs on the fences. I worked at radio shacks. You know, I got into real estate at a fairly early age. So I didn’t have like a long career trajectory prior to this. I bought my first home at 21 years old. You know, essentially getting into rental real estate was pretty much what I always wanted to do. So just like a, a string of, you know, menial sales, job size, able to acquire enough capital to get my own thing going.

Charles: Oh cool. Now your company handles all aspects of of the real estate business, buying, selling, managing. You can do mortgages, insurance and I believe you have a title company as well that you guys are focused on now that it’s all tailored for investors. So they have a one stop shop when they, after purchasing a property through you guys, they can do everything.

James: Yeah. One stop shop, man. The idea is, if you’re a real estate investor or you’re looking to invest in real estate, you know, you can come to, you know, our platform essentially. And the very first thing we like to do is we like to educate you, right? And then from there we offer, you know, Al a carte services of any and everything you could need. So if you wanted, you know, you could literally go from like being a guy who was like, oh, real estate investing sounds cool. And then that’s like the entire base of knowledge you have. We’re able to take you from like that point all the way to the end, to the end of your investment career to where you want to sell the property back and exit the business. And we can handle every step of the process well, or you could, you know, come in and you could do steps one, two and three and then go elsewhere for four or five, six, come back for seven, eight, et cetera. So education is where the whole thing starts. And then from there we’re able to, you know, take investors and give them everything we’ll do top to bottom in the Cleveland market. Other markets like Birmingham, Alabama, Memphis, Tennessee, Indianapolis, other like popular turnkey markets for investors. You know, we will set them up with other people that have to do a few of those steps cause we are local to Cleveland, Ohio. So we’re physically on the ground. Like we are physically, I’m physically standing in the Cleveland, Ohio area right now. But those other markets we have ground partners who can handle some of those steps.

Charles: Awesome. Yeah, that was one of the questions I had. Now I saw Cleveland, Ohio and I saw a couple other market analysis that you had on there. So Cleveland, you’re 100%, you do all parts of it in Birmingham, Memphis. I’m not sure. The other markets you mentioned, you are, you guys, what part of the process do you handle in those?

James: Yeah, so for, so for the for Cleveland, yeah. It’s everything. Like, if you, if you, you know, you come to my channel, I educate you and you decide that Cleveland’s the market for you. You know, we can sell you the property, we will handle your property management, we will handle your insurance, we will handle the maintenance. So like if your toilet is clogged, you know, my team will, you know, actually physically fix that. We will sell the property again when you’re ready to exit out of the market or 10.31 or something larger. If you’re interested in one of our other markets entitled work too, we can handle title work for licensed to do title and all of Ohio. Now if you’re looking at other markets, it’s going to slightly vary, you know, of course for first going to set you up with education. And then from there, if you’re looking for, say Birmingham, you know, we’ll set you up with a vendor who can sell you the property, handle the property management. We’re able to insure in multiple States. If we can’t insure in that specific state, we’ll set you up with the vendor that can and that we allowed them to take it from there. So anything that you know, needs to have like a physical, actual on the ground thing. In the other markets we will set you up with someone. We are only, you know, we only have physical office locations in Cleveland, Ohio.

Charles: Okay, cool. And the percent of buyers that are investors is the majority of what you work with is..

James: That’s all we do. It’s 100% a investor focused company. Like, you know, the, the reason the company started, we didn’t even like yeah, holding wise was not originally even intended to be a, you know what it is today. Originally, you know, I told you I wanted to get into rental real estate. Like right off the jump, I was 21 years old when I bought my first home. I found out that you could obtain a loan, right. You know, someone else is going to give you money, you could buy an asset and then someone else is going to pay off that loan for you. As soon as I heard that, I’m like, *** dude, sign me up. That’s what I want to do. So I hooked up with my business partner, John. He’s been a contractor for over 20 years. So I’m a sales guy. He’s contractor guy, sales marketing, you know, physical contracting, right? It’s everything in IES, the competitive advantage. So we spent all of our money, we built up our own management portfolio and then out from there what we wanted to do is, our attempt was to actually just raise private capital. We are attempting to raise private capital because we knew where we were on something, right? Like, you know, we’re coming out of like the biggest recession, right? You know, this is during the biggest recession in the US right. So the prices are like cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, bare bottom stuff. So the returns we’re making on these Reynolds, it’s, it’s intense. And, you know, we’re guys, we understood that, you know, out in LA or out in New York or you know, across the ocean, there’s a lot of markets that could match. You could not purchase properties for the prices we were purchasing them and you know, get the type of rental returns we were getting. So we attempted to raise private capital through creating a website and showing people what we were doing. And we hit a wall, right? We hit a huge brick wall and that nobody wanted to loan us any money. We assume that you know, we could just give you a fixed rate and then you would want to lend us money. But that didn’t happen. But what we found was everyone was intrigued by what we’re doing. They’re intrigued by our product, but they want a direct ownership. They wanted to own the company. So the light bulb kind of went off in our head and that’s when we started offering the property management services. And then it kind of expanded from there. So, you know, I have to, we’re selling them the property, handling the property management now that we realize there’s things these investors need, they need insurance. So that’s when we, you know, create an insurance company. They needed a title, you know, this, that, and the other. So that’s, that’s how it all got started and we expanded it that way and just built it up from there.

Charles: Now the properties that you sell, are any of them turn key? I didn’t see that phrase at all. Or is it just their properties and then you’ll handle any type of renovation that’s required to get them up to rent ready? I guess you would say?

James: You know, any and everything. Like I want to like talk about the word turnkey, right? Like you have a, y’all, this is why I think the most important piece to this whole pie, right, is the educational aspect. That’s why I got this studio. You know, that’s why we’re so big on HoltonWiseTV. That’s why, you know, we pump out so much content. You get a lot of investors that are just confused by the industry. They’re confused by messages that are going out. Like you get investors that, you know, you’ll present to them a property, you’ll present a video tour of the property, you’ll explain everything that’s going on with the property, the age of the roof, the exact condition of the property. You’ll show them everything and then they’ll, they’ll like watch all that content and there’ll be like, wait Charlie, is this a turnkey property or not? Like what do you mean? Is it or isn’t that a tricky, I just presented to you the value. I think a lot of folks out there putting out mixed messages of what is or is not a turnkey right guys house is a house turnkey is specifically all it is is a marketing term for a particular property. And it’s a company that acquires properties that would make good candidates for rentals. They typically rehab them to a rent ready condition, sometimes placing a tenant prior to offering them to you for sale. And then after you buy it from them, they’ll handle the property management services. But that’s, that’s, that’s really all it is. Turnkey is like by its definition, like that’s really what it is. It’s more of like the process, right? So to your question of like are the properties turnkey? We offer a smorgasbord of everything, right? Like you go to our show, we sell all of our properties on a show on HoltonWiseTV, it’s called the investment properties for sale show. I send that out to everybody at one o’clock Eastern standard time and that’s how you purchase properties from Holton-Wise. And in that show, I will stand in my studio right here and I will explain to everybody exactly what’s on with that property. And it’s, it’s whatever, right? Some of them are turnkey, some of them are going to come to you completely rehabbed and they’re going to have tenants in place and you could, you know, buy that. Some of the deals are going to be like, ah, you know what we like to call a bird deal. I’m sure a lot of your followers have heard what a bird deal is. If they hadn’t, it’s a buy, renovate, rent, refinance, repeat. Right? So it’d be a beat down property. So we could send you that property. You know, we’ll explain to you, we’re giving you the video tours telling you what you’re buying, where like, Hey, this property is a little beat up, here is the bid that it’s going to cost to get it renovated. This is how much we’re going to rent it for. And then we could do that turnkey service. So I like to say it’s turnkey and more, right? It’s really whatever you’re looking for. Cause our following is so large, you know, we’ve got folks that want to go this way. We got folks that want to go this way. We’ve got folks that want to go this way. So we really try to appease with a broad range of products and services to kind of, you know, appeal to every investor.

Charles: What, what kind of properties, types of properties do you see? Are investors usually interested in purchasing? Is it single family? Is it small multifamily?

James: Well like I said, you know, everyone is interested in something different. I would say probably the most popular type of investment, the thing that attracts people to a turnkey type market like a Cleveland, Ohio would be the lower value properties. So you’re single families and you’re small multi-families I would say overwhelmingly the most popular product that appeals to the, you know, the highest number of investors would be like B or C class multifamily asset. And I want to say multifamily, I mean a small multifamily that’s gonna be a two to four unit property. Anything that is going to be five units or above that is not going to be considered a small multifamily. Yes, it’s like a seven unit apartment building would be a multifamily property. In the technicality that multiple families are living there. But from a real estate financing standpoint, that’s considered a commercial property. And commercial real estate financing is a little bit different than your residential financing and small multifamily properties. They fall under that residential financing. So when you get residential financing folks, that’s like a 30 year mortgage, you know, fix low interest, that’s the best type of financing you can get in the world. And that, that can be purchased with residential properties in the one to four unit range. So what I found the majority of folks are looking for, they’re looking to get as many rental income checks as possible, which would be four cause that’s the max while, you know while you know, fitting that with that financing product.

Charles: Okay. When a new investor comes to you guys, they looked over or they’ve they’ve listened to some of your videos, they’ve gone through your education department, what do you consider the next step for someone that comes in there when you’re speaking to them and they’re interested in buying, they have some funds available. How does the conversation go with that? What are those steps to start and like long, let’s say, long distance investors that aren’t yeah. Anywhere near involved that are located in Ohio?

James: Yeah. The majority of the people are long distance. Right? Just based on the fact that you know, Cleveland is very, very small market in the grand scheme of the entire world. So there’s obviously more money outside than this tiny little thing inside. And we offer a very transparent buying process. Everything is out there, everything’s publicly available. So the first step of course is to subscribe to our mailing list. And then every single day at one o’clock, you know, we are going to send you the properties and then you’re able to then just [inaudible], you know, click on the properties that we send you in that email every single day for more information. And then right there, everybody gets the exact same email. It’s a complete breakdown of exactly what you need to do to purchase that property. It’s a breakdown of every single step. So if you’re interested in a property, so you know, you’re, you’re watching this show right now, everyone’s like, Oh man, I’m, I’m watching Charles show. This guy James. He sounded like he’s got a cool product. You know, you would go to our website, you would click sign up now you would receive an introductory letter explaining to you how we sell things, what we buy, you know how you can buy from us, and then every day you’re going to get our offerings. You see an offering you like. You’re going to click on that offering, click more information. We’re going to send you exactly how you can bid on that property. You know, we’re going to send you the exact steps and we’re going to include video tutorials of every step of the process. So it’s, you know, it’s very robust and it’s all available. You know it’s widely available, there’s no mystery here. You can even go to our FAQ and we’re actually going to give you a free downloadable copy of our property management agreement. Anybody who’s listening to this show right now can see that and that will go over my entire management agreement and it will show you to the penny everything I’m going to charge you and the exact amount I will charge you to do set items.

Charles: Cool. That’s awesome. Yeah, it’s pretty well spelled out. What, do you ever say just them to come and take a look at any of the neighborhoods that they’re investing in or, I mean, is that anything that you say, Hey, come down, you should see the area buying in? Or is it you, you’ve agreed amount and it’s, Hey, this is a C plus, this is a B minus, this is a C and it’s kind of,

James: We would never discourage someone for wanting to come to the neighborhood. I think it’s a good idea. If folks want to fly out to the Cleveland market and check out everything you know, on the ground themselves, we would never discourage them. The way our product is set up, we offer folks the ability to do everything that they would like to do remotely. And that’s why we do the video tours. I produced a something called the ultimate guide, degrading Cleveland neighborhoods. I’ve also since went on to produce this document in other markets as well. So if it’s a market where I have ground partners, I work with them. And what it is I graded every neighborhood in the Cleveland market on an a to F scale, right? A would be the least risky. F is the, the most risky, you know, I said earlier, we were talking the, the most popular products seems to be in the B and the C type neighborhoods, like eight neighborhoods. Those are like your, your wealthy, affluent suburbs, right? Most of you guys that are a located several hundred miles away from Cleveland, you’re not looking at our A-grade suburbs cause you could just buy that type of stuff in your own backyard who are usually drawn to, you know, Midwestern cities in the USA like Cleveland for the B and the C stuff. Right? But there’s an inherent level of risk that comes with that. And as the grade goes down, the risk goes up. So what I like to do is I like to gray, you know, I put out that grading scale and I like to really demonstrate that to people cause I’m not one of those guys. And I see, I see other guys on the internet, they’ll do this all the time. You know, they’ll be like, Oh, you gotta buy this property, it’s $50,000 it’s going to rent for $1,200 a month, but they’re going to not explain to you, you know, all the risk factors that are involved with keeping that value of that property down. Cause you know, if you could buy a $50,000 property that’s renting for $1,200 a month, or you could buy a property for $100,000 is renting for $1,200 a month. If these properties are, you know, a hundred percent equal, everybody in the world of course would want to buy the $50,000 property. But you know, you and I both know that they’re not necessarily equal. There is a reason the other property even on the rents are the same is got a value of double. And that’s because of the location. It’s in a nicer area. And what you get when you get a nicer area, you’re going to get better school districts. Better school districts are gonna lead to more stable tenants. That’s going to lead to a neighborhood that’s got less crime. There’s a lot less issues. So the most important thing, and this is why it’s never discouraged for investors to fly into the areas, you’ve got to see what you’re comfortable with. So what I like to do, I like to present, you know, the risk factors of every neighborhood to the investors and allow the investors to match themselves with the level of risks that they’re comfortable with. And I’m not about showing just the good stuff either. Charles, I’m sure you’ve probably already seen it, but you know about the tennis from show, am I right?

Charles: Yeah.

James: The tennis from hell show. That’s a show you guys want to check that show out. I show you guys the worst shit in the world. That could happen, right? I’ve got a huge rental portfolio. We have sold over $125 million worth of rental real estate in the Cleveland market alone, guys. So I’ve dealt with thousands of tenants three years and I’ve seen the worst stuff you can imagine. I’ve had cars set on fire, people throw in furniture out, third story windows, a theft, arson, murder, suicide, drug overdose. I’ve seen it all. I document it all and I put it on that show. So if you’re out there and you’re thinking, Whoa, look at all these $50,000 properties that rent for 1200, screw these hundred thousand dollars properties, you have to understand there’s a certain level of risk. And I document all of that and I want you guys to see all that. Cause the worst thing any out of state investor could do is buy a property without doing the proper due diligence. Understanding exactly what they’re getting themselves into.

Charles: Yeah, no, in those market overviews, I was looking over the one from Alabama, Birmingham and then also the one from Cleveland. So they’re very in depth in there, right on your website. I’ll link to them below as well afterwards. Now obviously you handle all the marketing and you’re, you’re a fantastic marketer. I mean your online and stuff like that 20,000 subscribers on YouTube. Tell us about HoltonWiseTV and I mean you have like an MLS search show analysis show tenants from hell. We just talked about landlords from Hill, which is something I watch part of the ask James Wise show and house flipping show.

James: Yeah. Okay, cool. Yeah, so yeah, as we, you and I have been discussing in depth, right? The main, the main show of Holton wise TV, the main thing where investors can go and they can purchase our properties. I see investment properties for sale show. Right? And then of course I just discussed with you guys the tenants from hell show as I mentioned at the top of your show. Education to me is the biggest thing right now. Education, you know, we want to educate folks, right? Like our, you know, the main crux of what we do is, is teaching investors how to be better investors. So because of that we offer a wider range of shows outside of those two shows mentioned the landlords from hell show, right? Cause we have the tenants from house show. But Hey, let’s be fair, not every landlord out there is actually good at being a landlord and as being a property manager you know, running thousands of tenants. We’re right in the middle. So we see a bunch of assholes on the tenant side. But we also see a bunch of assholes on the, the owner side too. And you know, just nationwide, there’s a lot of folks that are incurring bad landlords. So if you’re a horrible tenant, you know, we’re going to call you out on it. We’re going to demonstrate your, your story of bad behavior. But if you’re a terrible landlord, we will do the same. So that’s that show, the house flipping show. Uh in addition to my you know, various businesses that we’ve discussed thus far, I also made a lot of my money that really got me started flipping homes. So flipping homes is a passion of mine. So, you know, we created a show just for investors to see how they want to flip houses. Cause you know, I found as a real estate entrepreneur, there’s a lot of different ways to make money in real estate and I’m interested in most of them. And I think a lot of people out there interested in a lot of them. So you know, we’re appealing to a broad audience. So the house flipping show, we’re not selling you anything on that show. We’re not offering to flip houses for you or anything of that nature. It’s, it’s simply an educational show. And we’ll either present projects that we have flipped here and we will give you before and after footage as well as a, a numerical breakdown of everything. So it’s kind of like what you see on HGTV, but we really like to go in a little bit deeper, right? We don’t have kind of like staged arguments or stage drama with the husband and wife. It’s just myself and our crew, right? It’s no spouses necessarily. It’s not that dynamic. What we choose to, you know, really, you know, grind our teeth in as the acquisition costs. How did you market to acquire the property? What were the holding costs? What were the renovation costs, what were the selling costs, things that they leave out on HDTV. We’ll do that on our own, our own projects that we’ll also interview other investors across the world who’ve done their own deals. And you know, we like to teach folks the M MLS search and analysis show. That’s a pretty popular show on holding Stevie. Thank you for asking me about that one. That show is cool. As I mentioned, we’ll send our properties that we’re selling you guys everyday on our investment property distress sales show at one o’clock Eastern standard time. But I, you know, hold wise for one company, right being fair. There’s over 5,000 other realtors in this particular market and we are the number one seller of rentals in this market, but you know, there’s 5,000 other realtors, Charles. So there’s a lot more investment properties that are available that would make great investments and I don’t want investors to miss out on that. So investors have the opportunity through that show to engage Holton wise in assisting them purchase any property out there on the market that, you know, we are not selling. So, you know, you can purchase your own video analysis of any property that you saw in the Cleveland market and you’ll get a full, unbiased analysis on that a particular property from me because yes, there are 5,000 other realtors, but you know, let’s face it, the majority of folks in the real estate business as far as realtors go, they’re there. They’re looking to sell properties to folks who want to live there, right? They’re driving mom, dad, two and a half kids, one dog, white picket fence. That’s not what I do, but I don’t do that at all. I would never **** drive a family around to show them a house that they want to live in. I would blow my **** brains out. It’s not the business I’m in, but that’s what 99% of the other realtors out there. And so know I find you’ll get a lot of realtors that 99% of their business is, you know, pure owner occupied suburban business. But every once in a while somebody that they sold a home, a family home to and like one of the A-class suburbs, maybe they had a C class rental that they acquired somehow and they want to get rid of it. So you’ll find a lot of those properties listed on the market by those types of agents. But investors need more. You guys need to dive deeper. There’s things about that property that you need to know that those types of agents are usually not equipped to handle. Like you want to ask them questions about the property and they’re like, Oh well we have a spacious living room, we have spacious bedrooms. It’s a nice layout. This, that or the other. You guys don’t care about that. What you guys want to know is how much is it going to rent for? How old are the big ticket items? You know, is that furnace guy last me another 10 years? Is that going to go out anytime soon? If the furnace does go out, how much money do I have to spend? I need to know what type of numbers I’m going to put in my spreadsheet so I can calculate my cap, rate, my cash on cash return, things of that nature. What’s the neighborhood like? You know, what is I know if I, I purchased this property, if I purchased five in these properties and I put tenants in them, what’s the likelihood I’m going to have to evict some of those tenants? Right? These are things that, those types of realtors are not equipped to the answer for you guys. But we are, because you know, this is all we do. It’s a very unique product in this marketplace and we don’t really have much competition in that way. So we don’t want to exclude you guys from all that stuff. So that’s what that show is. And then routing it out. Asked James, why show super-simple show? You guys got questions about real estate. You send them in. I make videos answering them and that’s it.

Charles: Cool. Well, what kind of properties do you like holding yourself for longterm?

James: I go to the bigger properties, right? But it’s important to note that I’m in a different stage of my investment career. Just like personally me, I am not interested in purchasing anything that falls under that residential financing anymore. But that does not mean because I do that, that everyone listening to the show, I’m not telling you to do that. And in my opinion, what I think this is what I think if you’re living in the United States of America now, I know there’s a lot of you out there that are not in the United States of America. And that will change your investing strategy slightly because folks in the U S have one type of vantage that you folks out of the U S don’t have. And that’s that residential financing that we touched on earlier. The downside of that is you can only get 10 of those mortgages. So I think the first mortgage, you burned that on your own home, take care of home-based first. That leaves you at nine 30 or mortgages you can get right. Traditional residential financing. I think investors should purchase those nine properties first, whether it be one, two, three or four units. Obviously, you know, if possible it’d be nice to get a four times nine. What does that, Charles is like about 36, right? 36 units, first nine units, 36 rental income checks, but four units are not always readily available on the market. So you may get some duplexes and singles or you know, however you want to slice that. But I think an American investors should hit those nine mortgages first and then they need to move up to the commercial stuff. And that’s where I’m at in my investment career. So I’m not interested in anything small. Cause if you can’t really get a financing, it’s not the best idea to buy small stuff. So you want to buy the bigger stuff. Now you folks outside of the USA, you’re not gonna be able to qualify for that standard 30 year stuff. But that’s okay. There are still lenders, you know, like what does it TBD bank, right? That’s a lender. They’re out of Canada that, you know, they loan to a lot of folks and a lot of different countries and I got a couple other lenders that I know of. You know, I can get that referral list out to your listeners if you want me to. Charles that’s something that those folks can lend to folks overseas. But if, you know, you’re not able to get like super good financing, I would want to go at the bigger properties.

Charles: Yeah, yeah. I’ve usually seen it before. It’s a 30% plus as a down payment that you’re usually putting down for international investors on that one to four, which obviously is 10% more than one. A normal us based investor with W2 pay stubs and stuff can get, as I understand it, obviously there might be different in different lenders doing different things, but I was looking at as well you do a lot of coaching and mentoring. How’d you get started in doing that? Cause that goes all hand in hand with your whole education program that you guys offer for free on your site.

James: Yeah. that’s just kind of something that we fell into happenstance as well. When you’re building a company, like we’ve built a, the biggest thing, right? It’s education and you know, we really did it just to fulfill a need. In all reality. We would just get folks that would just, you know, to be honest, like I, I get invited for a coffee you know, 10 times a day, right? And obviously I have business around and, you know, take ’em folks up for coffee or getting folks to buy me coffee 10 times a day, doesn’t actually keep the lights on around here, doesn’t pay my staff. It wasn’t a, you know, pay a pay for my wife to, to target. So all of that stuff, you know, pay for my kid’s toys, things of that nature. So we didn’t want to say no, right? We didn’t want to just shut the door on all those folks. But you know, I have business to run, so I can’t, I can’t just answer your questions all day. So we offer those products. You know, we try to put as much of a, the information that folks are going to want out there publicly and try to give as much away as we can for free. But at the same time, we still need to produce revenue. So, you know, when we give the information out for free, it’s got to go on a show. So multiple people go watch it cause I can’t tell you that a hundred times. And on top of that, you know, we need to earn ad revenue off of that show. So we found that there were still folks who just wanted more and they wanted to engage deeper on a more personal level. So we didn’t want to shut the door on those folks. But of course we need to get an ROI for our time. So that’s how we created the personalized coaching products.

Charles: That’s awesome. Well, it’s great. How can listeners learn more about yourself and Holton-Wise? And I’ll put all the links in all the podcasts and YouTube description to the notes.

James: Yeah, you guys should just go to our website and that’s where you’ll be able to sign up for our mailing list and that’ll also take you to HoltonWiseTV, which is our channel on YouTube and you just want to subscribe to that in keep watching. There’s typically between our website and the multiple facts we have or all of the video content on Holton Wise TV, there’s typically an answer for most everything you’re trying to ask. And if there isn’t as discussed, we have the S James Wise show or we do have those coaching products available. If you’d like to go a little bit deeper, deeper, get a little bit of one-on-one contact with myself.

Charles: Yeah, you’re, you’re online. Your YouTube is very in depth. Probably one of the most in depth ones I’ve ever seen. So that can answer. Someone’s going to spend the time going through it. They can probably get mostly all their questions answered, so that’s awesome. That’s a great way of doing it.

James: There’s really no secrets in this business, right? That’s just my thing. What’s more important to me is education. Right? And I don’t mean I’m like the nicest guy in the world. I’m just out here like, Oh, I just want to help an educator by like I’m getting paid, I’m getting paid. I don’t do anything unless I’m getting paid. But you know, I found a way to get paid by giving out free information that I think is high quality and you know, that’s, that’s ultimately our biggest goal is to just create a base of loyal investors, loyal viewers who are gaining extreme value from the content we’re providing. And just learning how to be better investors so will get paid on the backend via ad revenue and things of that nature. So because of that, it is our number one goal and priority to educate you guys to give you guys a reason to keep coming back.

Charles: Okay. Well thank you very much James, for taking the time out of your busy day to get on with us. And I will put everything in the bottom and the email or bottom the podcast notes and everything so everybody can easily check into those and visit you if they have any questions.

James: All right, Charles, thanks for having me on, man.

Charles: Thank you. Have a nice day.

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Links and Contact Information Mentioned In The Episode:

About James Wise

James is the Co-Founder & CEO of Holton-Wise. As CEO, James’ main focus is the strategic vision of Holton-Wise and driving the overall growth of the company. He is regularly ranked as the number one selling Realtor of rental property in the Cleveland, Ohio market and works with many long distance and international investors by running a full-service real estate investment and management company. In addition, he oversees the sales and media departments at Holton-Wise while also hosting several popular shows on HoltonWiseTV. He teaches real estate investment strategy through blogs and articles on many real estate publications and is frequently featured as a guest speaker on various real estate investment radio shows and podcasts. On top of his work as Holton-Wise CEO James has also Co-Founded several other real estate related businesses including The Hoag Insurance Agency & Black Tie Title. James is a lifelong resident of the greater Cleveland area. He is an active member of the National Association of Realtors® and the Akron Cleveland Association of Realtors®. He holds an Associates Degree in Business Management from Cuyahoga Community College.

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