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Mall Tenants Had an Out When Giants Like Macy’s Left. Now Landlords Bar the Door

The only thing more dangerous for America’s malls than a string of apparel-chain bankruptcies is when the trouble hits department stores. Retailers like J.C. Penney Co. and Macy’s Inc. are considered “anchors” that keep malls humming and foot traffic flowing. They’re so important to the ecosystem that smaller tenants may refuse to set up shop […]

Did You Know that Florida’s Population Could Increase to Nearly 26 Million by 2030?

At the highest estimate, Florida’s population is projected to increase by 6 million people for a total population of nearly 26 million by 2030. To put it in perspective, that’s larger than the current population of Australia. Florida can expect that two-thirds of the population growth will occur in just 15 of Florida’s 67 counties. […]

Real Estate Trends: Developers Search for Business Efficiency & Profit Maximization

Whether you are an international real estate firm, a developer working on a joint venture or working on a particular development deal, building out your operations and infrastructure can be quite challenging. Hiring talent, managing office space and operations, technology and other management factors can be a significant burden on business and a drain on […]

Time to Step Up the Value-Add Game

Market fundamentals are supporting sustained multifamily investment at lower cap rates than initially anticipated. At the same time, value-add strategies, while still a major trend, require more resources than before, due to changes in residents’ needs and high competition with foreign capital. These are just a few of the insights provided by Robert Cohen, executive […]

Is Workforce Housing a Dying Breed in Today’s Multifamily Development Landscape?

The traditional image of a renter household has undergone some changes over the last 10 years. Renter households are now drawing in those who are older, wealthier and with children. Developers have responded to this demographic demand shift by changing the supply that they’re bringing to market. Rather than continuing to develop a mix of […]

Private Lending Goes Public

For many people the investment real estate market is off-limits. They can’t buy and they can’t invest because they lack access to traditional lenders, the banks with big vaults and lots of ATMs. For investors, especially flippers, the situation is worse simply because they represent more lender risk. This is a problem because for many […]

U.S. Home Prices at Least Affordable Level Since Q3 2008

ATTOM Data Solutions, curator of the nation’s premier property database, today released its Q2 2018 U.S. Home Affordability Report, which shows that the U.S. home prices in the second quarter were at the least affordable level since Q3 2008. The report calculates an affordability index based on percentage of income needed to buy a median-priced […]

Economy Watch: Most Metro Areas See Declining Unemployment

Unemployment rates were lower in May 2018 than a year earlier in 350 of the 388 U.S. metropolitan areas, higher in only 20 areas, and unchanged in 18 areas, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Wednesday, June 27. Ninety-six areas had jobless rates of less than 3 percent—the national rate is currently 3.8 percent—and […]

Is the New Tax Law a Boon for Residential Rentals?

The federal government has long encouraged owning a home over renting. Housing subsidies in the tax code effectively lower the after-tax cost of homeownership, which has helped taxpayers move out of residential rentals and into their own homes. The Jeffersons might not have credited tax policy for it in their 1970’s sitcom, but it has […]

Your Top 5 Building Systems Can Be a Source of Major Liability

Managing residents is only one aspect of profitability for today’s real estate owners and operators. Another is preserving base building systems. Systems upkeep, from the building envelope to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure, maintenance and systems, is critical to minimizing exposure. Here’s a look at the top five building systems and the potential liability […]

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