SS80: Why Every Entrepreneur and Professional Should Passively Invest in Real Estate

There are many benefits to passively investing in real estate. In this episode, Charles explains why he started investing in real estate and why every entrepreneur and professional should passively invest in real estate.

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Welcome to Strategy Saturday; I’m Charles Carillo and today we’re going to be discussing why every entrepreneur and professional should passively invest in real estate. When I began investing in real estate, I was running an online business that I had started years prior. And what I had realized was that it was normal to have good months and not so good months in my business. As I purchased more rental properties, I started building up a nice monthly cash flow that if needed would cover any down months in my online business. When I speak to entrepreneurs and professionals, I always stress that they should have passive real estate investments. Some of them will have their own active real estate investments, but in most scenarios, they will be making much more money per hour in their own business or practice that it does not make sense to spend their time managing properties or managing property managers.

The real benefit of passive real estate investing is the ability to have a consistent stable income source that is not correlated to their main business income. When things are good, people are rarely thinking about protecting their downside, but it is important to consider and plan for. And the best time to take action is when you’re doing well in your business. I’ve mentioned previously that in addition to now syndicating our own real estate deals, I also passively invest in other real estate deals. It allows me the ability of diversifying my capital and receiving residual income from business ventures. I am not actively managing some other reasons why I like passive investing. Number one is the us government is working with you instead of against you. Passive real estate allows tax deferred cash returns that let you keep more of your earnings. Number two, you don’t have to deal with tenants, termites or toilets.

This is an ongoing issue for small landlords. Even if you have a property manager, you consistently need to verify financials and you need to approve larger expenditures as they arise. A property manager helps, but even with a property manager, the income is semi passive, never passive. Number three, I don’t have to obtain financing for a property nor do I need to locate properties. Put in offers, perform due diligence and inspections. After looking through hundreds of properties, our team will find one that actually meets our parameters. At that point, it will take hundreds of hours of work and many months to actually close on that property. Something that passive investors don’t have to endure four, you do not have to be an expert in passively investing. You are partnering with experts to find, purchase and manage the properties. Even if you are a seasoned real estate investor, you might not need to be in a specific market where you want to invest in this situation. Passive investing makes the most sense. And finally, you make money while you sleep. Nothing feels better than getting an email from your bank saying that you just received residuals from a passive real estate investment. That is what I call true passive income. So I hope you enjoyed. Please remember to rate review, subscribe, submit comments, and potential show topics. Global investors, Look forward to two more episodes next week. See you then

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