What are the risks associated with investing?

A property that is correctly purchased and managed is capable of mitigating risk to a large degree. Similar to other investments, market conditions are out of our control.
  • Our approach helps minimize risk by performing extensive due diligence before purchasing any property. We invest in areas with industry and employer diversity to minimize the impact of any job loss.
  • The value-add model we impart on our properties increases our equity immediately after we have completed the renovations; allowing us to easily refinance the property during any market condition.
Harborside Partners only purchases properties where value is able to be immediately added; resulting in forced appreciation and increased rental income. Every investment opportunity we offer to our investors will include cashflow and equity projections, verified by facts and statistics.
All of the risks are outlined, in detail, in the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) for the investor to review before investing.
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