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How Atlanta’s growing economy burned low-income renters and homebuyers

Atlanta is a U.S. economic bright spot that’s experiencing rapid population growth. Metro Atlanta is on a hot streak. More than 6 million people now live in the region, according to recent Census Bureau estimates. Experts say that’s about a 50% increase from 20 years ago. “It’s a huge increase in population,” said Dan Immergluck, […]

GI180: What is Cost Segregation with Erik Oliver

Erik Oliver is a cost segregation specialist. He brings with him a passion for identifying cost savings and educating commercial real estate owners on the benefits of cost segregation. Watch The Episode Here: Listen To The Podcast Here: Transcript: Announcer: Welcome to the Global Investor Podcast, a show that focuses on helping foreign investors enter [...]

Multifamily Investment: Finding Opportunity Amid Turbulence

What are the prudent strategies as the cost of capital rises? Experts weigh in. The Federal Reserve’s most recent interest rate increase has made the real estate landscape harder to navigate. The higher capital costs, rising rents and expensive cap rates are impacting both multifamily investment and development in multiple ways. However, rental housing fundamentals […]

Adaptive Reuse Apartments Up 25% from Pre-Pandemic Numbers, Led by Record Office-to-Apartment Conversions

Adaptive reuse apartments are increasing faster than new apartments, up by 25% in the last 2 years compared to the pre-pandemic period. In the last two years, apartment conversions jumped by 25% compared to two years prior. More precisely, this increasingly popular real estate niche brought a total of 28,000 new rentals in 2020-2021, well […]

SS102: How to Become an Accredited Investor

Accredited investors are allowed to invest into securities that are not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. On this episode, Charles discusses what is an accredited investor and how to become one. Watch The Episode Here: Listen To The Podcast Here: Transcript: Charles: Welcome to Strategy Saturday; I’m Charles Carillo and today we’re going [...]

Renters Need to Work 63 Hours to Pay Rent, Six Hours More Than Before the Pandemic

At the average wage, it would take 62.6 hours of work to pay the typical U.S. monthly rent, near August’s record high of 62.9 hours in data going back to 2015. An average American needs to work about 63 hours to earn enough to pay the typical U.S. rent of $2,040. That is three more […]

Companies still have way too much office space, and they can’t sell it

The amount of commercial real estate available for sub-lease is roughly equal to eight Amazon HQ2 towers. A few things we know about corporate real estate: it’s a focus of cost-cutting for companies, but it’s also probably the last asset you want to sell now in a soft market. How soft? According to Elizabeth Ptacek, […]

GI179: Commercial Real Estate Investing with Mike Sowers

In 2005, Mike Sours founded a remodeling business and grew that company to over 50 employees. From 2005 to 2017 Mike rehabbed over 1,000 properties, mixing in wholesaling, flips, and rentals. In 2017, he sold his remodeling business and used the capital to start purchasing commercial properties. Watch The Episode Here: Listen To The Podcast [...]

Three Must-Know Property Management Trends For 2023

Three must-know property management trends for 2023 include portfolio expansion as a top item, according to Buildium’s 2023 Property Management Industry Report . Here are three of the property management industry trends that the report says will exert major influence over the way in which small and mid-sized companies do business in 2023 and beyond. […]

SS101: Managing Tenant Expectations

Successful rental experiences for both, the tenant and the landlord, depend on good communication and established expectations. In this episode, Charles discusses what expectations you should set with your tenants prior to move-in to ensure a positive rental relationship. Watch The Episode Here: Listen To The Podcast Here: Transcript: Charles: Welcome to Strategy Saturday; I’m [...]
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