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SS107: Renting to College Students

Welcome to Strategy Saturday; I’m Charles Carillo and today we’re going to be discussing Renting to college students. Approximately 6% of the U.S Population, about 20 million people, attend U.S colleges and universities. In this episode, Charles discusses some of the benefits and potential drawbacks of investing in student housing. Watch The Episode Here: Listen [...]

Rising Rents? Blame the Supply Shortage

By NMHC Research Department Much has been made about rising rents in recent months, often with the implication that they are the result of price gouging. In fact, the explanation is much simpler. It’s simple Econ 101—the U.S. does not have enough housing to meet demand. How do we know? Because the data tell us […]

What Apartment Firms Need to Know About the Federal 2023 Spending Bill

On December 23, Congress avoided a government shutdown and passed a $1.7 trillion bill to fund the federal government for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2023 that will impact the apartment industry. President Biden is expected to sign it. Why It Matters: The annual federal spending bill funds several federal departments, agencies and programs […]

GI184: Becoming a Real Estate Millionaire by 24 with Daniel Kwak of The Kwak Brothers

Daniel Kwak started learning about real estate investing at age 20, did his first deal at the age of 22 and by 23 he had 83 rental units. Since then, Daniel and his brother have raised millions of dollars for real estate while also running a YouTube channel with over 300k subscribers. Watch The Episode [...]

2022 Year-End Report: Miami Was America’s Most Competitive Rental Market This Year, Two-Thirds of Renters Renewed Leases

In 2022, an average of 14 renters competed for each vacant apartment and the overall national competitivity score was 59.9 out of 130. With around 44 million American households living in rental homes, renting is at its highest level in half a century. But, for some renters, finding a new place to call home was […]

Why Regular Furnace Filter Replacement is Crucial for Property Owners and Landlords

Regular furnace filter replacement is crucial for rental property owners and landlords because of all the preventative maintenance services it has the most impact. By Greg Wells Landlords and property managers are tasked with continually ensuring the homes and units they rent out are safe, comfortable and suitable for tenants. Of course, this includes taking […]

SS106: Preferred Returns vs Cash Distributions

Investors regularly confuse preferred returns with cash distributions. In this episode, Charles explains the difference between them, why there is a variance and how to recognize what the estimated cash distributions will be when reviewing an investment offering. Watch The Episode Here: Listen To The Podcast Here: Transcript: Charles: Welcome to Strategy Saturday; I’m Charles [...]

Mortgage Buydowns Are Making a Comeback

Carley Chase found her dream home in Chandler, Ariz., this summer: a three-bedroom ranch, close to work, with a pool and a backyard lined with palm trees. Soaring interest rates threatened to put it out of reach. Her lender suggested a temporary buydown that would lower her mortgage payment for the first three years. “I […]

What 2023 Holds for Affordable Housing

Experts share insights on this challenging sector, in the second installment of our outlook series. The affordable housing crisis has only worsened in the past few years. Developers simply can’t cope with the ever-increasing demand for housing in the lower-end of the quality spectrum. Moreover, rising construction costs, supply chain issues and the prospect of […]

GI183: How to Find Off Market Properties with David Robinson

David Robinson is an active investor, broker, and podcast host. As a broker and investor, David has been directly involved in over $250 million in real estate transactions. Watch The Episode Here: Listen To The Podcast Here: Transcript: Announcer: Welcome to the Global Investor Podcast, a show that focuses on helping foreign investors enter the [...]
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